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How do you buy the right perfume?- Views : 1863
How to choose a perfume?

The choice of perfume is very personal and subjective matter. Our advice is to primarily listen to your own feelings, inner world and ideals, as your perfume should be a part of your style. Very often, perfumes may ajar the door to the hidden corners of your soul, and tell a lot about your character and desires. Handy thing is to get free perfume samples and test fragrance for couple of days before you decide to buy it or not.

How Amazon's Drone Will Transform Government- Views : 1801
On Monday morning, everyone was talking about Amazonís future plans to use personalized drones to deliver purchases within 30 minutes to certain destinations. Several years ago, prognosticators started proclaiming that drones would be as ubiquitous as cell phones and would be used for everything from deliveries to data collection. Indeed, last year at the Consumer Electronics Show, I was introduced to about 15 startups focused on consumer drone applications. The University of Alaska at Fairbanks is developing a regional entrepreneurial ecosystem around drone technology.

Hati-hati, Mengetik Sambil Berjalan Bisa Ubah Postur Tubuh- Views : 2440
Mengetik sambil berjalan ternyata berbahaya bagi tubuh. Postur tubuh dapat berubah karena ketika mengetik atau membaca pesan di ponsel, orang akan menunduk dan memperlambat jalan kaki sehingga dapat membuat orang kehilangan keseimbangan.
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